Subway Surfers Coins

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Subway Surfers Cheats deutsch is a fun game for children and adults alike. The main character is on the run from the police and he is escaping along the subway. The player must avoid the trains and maneuver over, under and around various obstacles in a bid to escape. The aim of the game is to collect as many coins as possible along the way while avoiding capture or being hit by a train. There are also letters to collect throughout the game and if you collect them all they complete a sentence. You can change the appearance of the main character when you earn more coins.One of the best Subway Surfers tips is to keep your eye on the game and concentrate. Avoid glancing at your score or the distraction may prevent you from avoiding all the obstacles and your game will come to an end. Another tip is to collect as many of the power-ups throughout the game as possible. These include a double score bonus, a magnet that attracts the coins to you without you having to collect them, a bounce power and a power that sends you soaring above the subway to earn extra coins.

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