Power-Ups in Subway Surfers

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There are a lot of useful items in our game Subway Surfers. The so called "Power-Ups" are going to help you last longer in a run, and score higher. There are Power-Ups such as the Jetpack.

With the Jetpack you can fly for a short time and gather coins which are flying in the air. As you use the Jetpack you cannot run into a wall or a train and lose the game. This is a very useful Power-Up if you want to take a short brake.

Another Power-Up is the Coin Magnet. The Coin Magnet is, in my opinion, the best Power-Up in Subway Surfers Cheats deutsch. While the Coin Magnet is active you are automatically picking all the coins which are spread across the three lines. This is very useful, since you are getting a lot more coins while the Coin Magnets lasts.

The hoverboard gives you a second chance if you get caught by the police officer who is chasing you. You can activate it by double tapping on your screen. When crashing into a wall or a train, you will automatically keep running. You can buy the hoverboard in the shop for a certain amount of coins.


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