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Subway Surfers Tips To Get Your Best Score

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Subway Surfers is a fast-paced mobile game with tons of adorable characters and costumes to play with. Dash from lane to lane and collect as many coins as you can, but don't hit any obstacles!

Whether you want to beat all your friends or unlock your favorite character, following these Subway Surfers tips can make all the difference.

Subway Surfers Characters

When you start, you'll have one Subway Surfers character: Jake. To see more, tap Me from the home screen, then tap Characters. Choose the character with the +5 multiplier for the highest score! Remember: connect to Facebook to unlock Dino for free!

Using Subway Surfers Power-Ups

In Subway Surfers Cheats, Power-Ups give you special abilities. Grab power-ups by running into them.


The Jetpack makes you fly into the air and become invincible. Remember: while you're in the sky, you can still swipe left and right to switch lanes and collect as many coins and power-ups as possible! In the shop, you should upgrade the Jetpack to make it last longer, allowing you to collect more coins.

Super Sneakers

Grabbing the Super Sneakers lets you jump higher when you swipe up. This means you can jump over trains and other tall objects that you'd normally smash into! If you jump over coins in your lane while wearing the Super Sneakers, you'll collect them even without touching them.

Coin Magnet

The Coin Magnet lets you pick up all of the coins in all three of the subway lanes without having to grab them yourself. Pretty useful!

2x Multiplier

This power-up doubles your score multiplier, giving you lots of points!

Power Jumper

The Power Jumper makes you jump into the sky, over all of the obstacles. But be careful--it can be hard to avoid obstacles when you land.

Hope you enjoyed these Subway Surfers tips, and happy surfing!

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Subway Surfers Coins

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Subway Surfers Cheats deutsch is a fun game for children and adults alike. The main character is on the run from the police and he is escaping along the subway. The player must avoid the trains and maneuver over, under and around various obstacles in a bid to escape. The aim of the game is to collect as many coins as possible along the way while avoiding capture or being hit by a train. There are also letters to collect throughout the game and if you collect them all they complete a sentence. You can change the appearance of the main character when you earn more coins.One of the best Subway Surfers tips is to keep your eye on the game and concentrate. Avoid glancing at your score or the distraction may prevent you from avoiding all the obstacles and your game will come to an end. Another tip is to collect as many of the power-ups throughout the game as possible. These include a double score bonus, a magnet that attracts the coins to you without you having to collect them, a bounce power and a power that sends you soaring above the subway to earn extra coins.

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Play Subway Surfers Today!

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Subway Surfers is an addicting platform/ action game featuring "endless running." It's available for free download with Apple, Android, Amazon Kindle, and Windows products, and offers paid upgrades. Developed by Kiloo and SYBO Games, Subway Surfers is bright-colored, beautifully illustrated, and updates often to bring you and the Surfers to new world locations each month.

The controls are very intuitive - swipe down to roll, up to jump, and sideways to move side to side. Double tapping will activate your hoverboard for crash protection! After being caught spraying graffiti, the subway inspector chases down your character as you jump, roll, dash, and even soar through the subway. Collect coins, power-ups, and mystery boxes on your way to unlock new characters, outfits, and boosters. As you race, try to complete mission sets to raise your score multiplier and gather prizes. Make sure to upgrade your power-ups in the store for longer-lasting benefits, and a higher score.

Subway Surfers Hack deutsch connects to GameCenter and Facebook, so you can easily play and compete with your friends! Unlock new characters, complete missions, and win bonuses by beating friends' scores and connecting on social media.

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Power-Ups in Subway Surfers

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There are a lot of useful items in our game Subway Surfers. The so called "Power-Ups" are going to help you last longer in a run, and score higher. There are Power-Ups such as the Jetpack.

With the Jetpack you can fly for a short time and gather coins which are flying in the air. As you use the Jetpack you cannot run into a wall or a train and lose the game. This is a very useful Power-Up if you want to take a short brake.

Another Power-Up is the Coin Magnet. The Coin Magnet is, in my opinion, the best Power-Up in Subway Surfers Cheats deutsch. While the Coin Magnet is active you are automatically picking all the coins which are spread across the three lines. This is very useful, since you are getting a lot more coins while the Coin Magnets lasts.

The hoverboard gives you a second chance if you get caught by the police officer who is chasing you. You can activate it by double tapping on your screen. When crashing into a wall or a train, you will automatically keep running. You can buy the hoverboard in the shop for a certain amount of coins.


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Subway Surfers - The game, the game-play and the winning strategy!

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Subway Surfers - The game, the game-play and the winning strategy!

Subway Surfers- The game, the game-play and the winning strategy!

Subway Surfers is an endless running game co-developed by Kiloo. It is one of the most downloaded, most popular and one of the most played game on smart phones. Being available on all platforms and new versions added frequently makes it quite interesting. The style of game is so addictive and considerably cool. Players need to be smart and need to know best way to advance in the game. There are many new characters, power ups and new missions players need to master as they run through the subways.

The Characters:

Jake is the default Subway Surfers Hack character and also the mascot of Kiloo. Jake is the only icon unlocked already. Other characters are locked and as player proceeds they can be unlocked. There is the Inspector and his dog and they keep chasing the characters. The characters remain same but their uniforms keep on changing as per editions.

The Game- Play:

The game allows players to use many power ups provided in the game. The obstacles must be avoided by jumps, rolls, moving sideways on time. There are special missions too along with daily challenges. The game comes to an end when the surfer bangs the obstacles, stumbles or is seized.

Strategy to win:

Players need to do anything to get more coins. There are few other tasks which help in earning more points as watching videos, completing daily tasks or missions, earning shiny treasure etc. Always try and connect to internet so that all new daily challenges are updated regularly. By completing the daily missions for 5 days straight player can open a super mystery box too. Also sharing with friends on Facebook can get 5000 extra coins. There are a bunch of other missions too which players can understand once they get used to the game.

Following these few tips can be very helpful in gaining more coins easily.


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